Body contouring just got "hotter" here at Heartland. Now introducing Sentient's Sculpt! Sculpt uses PGW (Precision-GigaWave) technology to target fat and is the only non-invasive treatment on the market that effectively targets cellulite on all skin types!

This technology works from the inside out, meaning the energy doesn't get absorbed so much by the skin, but instead by the fat layer. 80% of the energy is delivered to the fat layer, and the rest is rebounded to heat the skin and build collagen - resulting in less cellulite!

The treatments are fast, only 18-20 minutes, and they are typically well-tolerated without any pain. There is also no downtime or bruising involved. The results speak for themselves, just have a look down below at some before and afters!

Give us a call today to get in for a Sculpt consultation!