Laser & Skin Care

Heartland Laser Center

An improvement in your appearance is an investment in yourself. Every year about 3 million people in this country have cosmetic surgery, which was once considered a luxury for the wealthy. Our new facility allows us to perform the laser procedures in our friendly, comfortable office.

Surface wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, lip creases  and acne scarring can be damaging to a person’s self image. In many cases, an individual’s quality of life can be enhanced through laser surgery to remove skin imperfections.

Through proven advances in laser technology the laser has revolutionized the facial treatment of wrinkled, scarred or sun-damaged skin. These facial imperfections can be quickly and accurately erased by the Cutera® Laser, leaving a more natural and even-colored face.

A consultation is required with the physician to discuss personal goals for facial improvement. Then we will recommend what treatment is most appropriate for you.