Brachioplasty surgery is performed on the excess skin of the upper arms, when liposuction alone will not correct the problem.

Brachioplasty involves an incision of all excessive skin from the armpit to the elbow. For selected patients who have loose skin under the armpits as well, the operation can be continued into tighten this area also. This outpatient surgical procedure takes about two hours. The patient is to wear ace wraps or compressive garment on both arms to help control swelling and to help mold the shape of the arm. This is usually accompanied by a small amount of swelling of the hands and forearms at first. In time, however, the arm can mold up very nicely and silicone gel can be very beneficial in minimizing the scar.

Lifting postoperatively will be limited to decrease bleeding and swelling and promote healing of the tissues. With the influx of many gastric bypass patients who benefit from the procedure. Brachioplasty is more commonly done and with greater refinement as well. Of course, patients may need not have had a gastric bypass to qualify for this operation. Patients who simply have excess fat deposits on the arms, but have good skin tone, can qualify for a liposuction of the upper arms. Actually the upper arms liposuction very well. When a small amount of excess skin is present liposuction can be combined with a very small mini tuck within the armpit that can have very positive results.


For those who have true loose skin to the point where it is swinging on the arms, full brachioplasty is indicated.

*Results May Vary