Brazillian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt lift!   I am happy to report that we had the opportunity to perform a Brazilian Butt lift last week!  In this procedure, we perform liposuction and reinject the fat as a graft to the upper buttocks.  In this case, we injected about 250cc of lipo fat that we removed and processed into the buttocks.  The patient came in a week later and absolutely loved it!


The ideal patient is one whose buttocks are flattened; but have extra fat in the flank or love handle area to remove.  This allows us to hollow out that area, which will improve the look of the buttocks.  Then that fat is added to the upper buttocks, which is the right place to give that attractive look.  Plus, this is not the area we sit on so a patient can sit in a chair after surgery, unlike after silicone buttock implants.


I’m looking for more patients to do this awesome operation on!


Fresh from the spring cosmetic surgery convention is a new tummy tuck design, the “Corset Torsoplasty” or Corset Abdominoplasty, for major weight loss patients. This operation uses a sideways “H” type scar, instead of the single horizontal scar or the upside down T or fleur di lis. The regular or horizontal scar used for tummy tucks are only effective when patients have some fairly decent skin tone. The fleur di lis T scar allows added tightening in the waistline area, by pulling skin not just down but also horizontally to the middle. The downside of the t-incision is that patients with very poor skin tone will still have bulges below their breasts, overlying their ribs, with a bulge also in the lower breast bone area. The Corset procedure adds an incision below the breast, which tightens this upper abdominal skin as well. The upper scar is hidden in the crease of the breasts, where there is often a scar already due to breast lifting or reduction surgery. Our results with this operation have been very, very promising! Consider this if you have a double panniculus or skin hanging from the upper abdomen as well as the lower. (photos pending)

Perma Facial Implant



At the recent Aesthetic Surgery meeting, I at last have found a new lip implant that is not only excellent technically, but reasonably priced.  It is called the Perma™ Facial Implant, and is made of soft silicone, making it almost impossible to feel.  As an office procedure, it goes in through a small incision in the corners of the mouth, whether placed upper, lower, or both.


The implant will increase the volume of the lips, and correct some, but not all of wrinkles, around the mouth.  Fillers are helpful for the wrinkles, but not even close to the Perma™ Facial Implant as far as enlarging thin lips or restoring lips shrunken with age.  Juvederm or Restylane can be added to any remaining wrinkles for a discounted rate of $500/tube.


The excitement surrounding this cosmetic enhancement breakthrough has been immediate and overwhelming both in the U.S. and in Europe.  The implant is made here in the U.S. and consists of soft, solid silicone.  It’s an implant that cannot rupture, deflate or degrade over time.  The implants correspond to the dimensions of the lip.  It is an implant and not an injection of silicone.  The implant is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accomodate the uniqueness of each person’s lip characteristics, tapering at both ends to conform naturally to the normal lip.  Although it’s permanent, the Perma™ Facial Implant is also designed to be easily removable should a person wish to be larger, smaller or return to their original lip appearance.


Among the most remarkable aspects of these lips are their natural appearance.  Never before has a product made for this use offered so many exceptional qualities:

  • Natural appearance
  • Soft silicone/but cannot rupture, deflate or degrade over time
  • Routine procedure performed under local anesthetic
  • Resistant to tissue “in growth”
  • Permanent, but easily replaceable or removable
  • Does not restrict lip movement


FDA approved device


About the Procedure


The overall procedure time lasts only about 15 minutes, and can be performed in a simple office setting.  The mouth and lips are numbed with local anesthetic (similar to a visit to the dentist).  Then, two small incisions are made in the corners of the mouth.  The implant is then passed through a tunnel in the lip and centered.  The process is repeated for the other lip and the incisions are closed using dissolvable stitches.  Patients do not experience pain and may resume activities the next day.


LATISSE® Solution


Introducing LATISSE® Solution, a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker.  LATISSE® Solution is a new product supplied to us by Allergan, makers of BOTOX®.


Stephanie Brown, our in house esthetician, introduces the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Line.  This line is known as the “Skin Care Makeup Line”; its high quality minerals give tremendous coverage with an exceptionally “light” feel.  This line is good for sensitive, acne prone and even Rosacea skin types.  Stephanie offers a full makeover application where you can actually have the makeup applied and see the results for yourself.  There is a $40 session fee that can be applied toward product purchase.  This full line of makeup includes foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadow, lipsticks, glosses and much more!

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